"I finally got around to trying on my suit last night and I LOVE IT! Seriously, the quality exceeds my expectations, the fit is perfect, and the entire experience over delivers on every level. Job well done! When we met in SF you were obviously over-booked but you were composed and patient throughout and I appreciate that you took the time with me to get this right. I also love the quality of the fabric and quite pleased that I paid to upgrade to Lora Piana. True story: I just bought a new Maserati yesterday (omg! super-douchey to put that in type). Anyway, with my car comes a complimentary suit. The car salesman asked if he can have A&B contact me to be measured for a free suit? I said no need. I am all good."

Chris S, Banking, San Francisco

"Max was an extremely consummate, detail-oriented professional that gave me tons of fantastic advice and was an impeccable dresser himself. Not only did he do extremely fine justice to your brand and values, but I felt like he was simply the best man for the job. An astoundingly great experience thanks to him. Got the suit just before Halloween and just want to let you know it's truly superb. Everything I'd expect from it and more. I couldn't be happier with the fabric options and lining, etc. - the red details really make it all come together. Overall just an excellent suit.

Goes to show, too, how versatile this charcoal suit is: had great business meetings with tie and I'll say that I wore it to a well-dressed exclusive party with a bowtie and some minor accessorizing and honestly have never even experienced so many women throwing themselves at me. Clothes make the man, indeed. Addictive, though. Now I definitely need a grey suit. :)"

-Sebastiaan De With, Designer, San Francisco

"My tailor was very impressed with the suit. His bespoke suits start at around $3,300 and go up. He told me that he would love to make suits for me but that he could not compete with your suits at that price." 

- Jonathan Luke, CPA, Atlanta

"I invited Proper Suit to come to UCLA and suit up all of the first and second year MBA candidates after I got one made. Needless to say, my classmates are all super happy and we are all ready to tackle the upcoming interviews. "

-Carl Rodrigues, UCLA MBA Candidate 2012

"Very impressed. The jacket fit is really good. It really does stack up or beat my significantly more expensive Polo and Zegna suits."

Peter Dominguez, Director of Strategy & Creative Jack Morton Worldwide

"This is not a suit my friend. This is a work of art! The suit is amazing, fits like a glove! I am ecstatic for this wedding in two weeks because I can’t wait to show it off and see the looks the ladies will be giving me. After trying this suit on, I will never go off the rack again."

-Rey Lewis, Consultant, Los Angeles